How to Live

A collection of life advice, from people who have had experiences wading through situations that I have encountered too.

Creation Anxiety

How should we do our life's work and significant work? Doing great things is no doubt difficult, and in the age of Internet it is easy to get distracted by False Inspirations. So we start by wanting to do ambitious things, only to be discouraged soon. And each of these setbacks makes us question ourselves whether we have any value.

To counter such tendency, we should disconnect our will to do things from the excitement of getting recognition or more generally, getting "feedback". We should try to focus more on the long term and intrinsic values of what we do.

In a more practical manner, we can create a list of ongoing projects. If there are too many items, we should not add (start) new projects until we finish a few ongoing ones.

Projects with definite goals and deadlines bring focus to our creative activities. Focus is the prerequisite condition for effective creations. Without it any fancy yakshedding wouldn't work.

Focus means saying no to good (and bad) ideas. We might think all good things should be pursued and chasing multiple good things at a time is doable. But in reality, everything has a cost.