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这是我建立一个网站,为互联网的众声喧哗做贡献的第4次尝试。之前的3次分别是从纸质杂志扒来内容的文字站,blog 和论说文网站,个人的色彩越来越强。这次,我想让文字重新回到网站的中心。对于绝大多数读者来说, xuqi 这个签名并没有比 John Doe 或者 Boba Fett 更多的意义。

This is the 4th iteration of xuqi's website. As an experiment, I want to make documents, not my identity or attitudes, the center of the website. Like in the 1990s, you don't have to know me or care about me to read stuff on the site and enjoy yourself. xuqi is as strange and as familiar to you as John Doe or Boba Fett.

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It seems contradictory for a document-centered website to have a blog section. A blog tend to lead the reader's interest towards the writer, instead of their works; it also tends to be shallow and ephemeral. These I won't deny. However, blog-writing seems to be meaningful in that it captures and solidifies the fleeting thoughts one encounters in the daily life, like a candle's tears are records of the flow of wax.

Just as impossible to deny is that the candle will eventually burn along with our times. So why not just look at the tears while there is still a candle.

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Technology is not a panacea nor do it necessarily represents progress or prosperity. In this information age, the definition of technology is becoming too specific, and its applications too complicated, that the public find it difficult to understand. With these trends, technology is increasingly an enemy of the public, and a tool for control and profiteering.

As a member of the general public, it doesn't hurt to know some technology, just like knowing about steam machines and cars in the industrial age. It may not make you rich or successful, but at least the knowledge can protect your rights, and prevent you from becoming an exploited 'consumer'.

The guides provided here are either about dealing with bits or atoms. They are mainly about using high-tech FLOSS or low-tech tools to solve problems in one's life without becoming a slave of a certain brand or idea.

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