This is the SandBox, a page anyone I can edit to learn how to use the wiki.

Inline styles:

  • Emphasize: _Italic_ β†’ Italic
  • Bold: __Bold__ β†’ Bold
  • Delete: ~~Deleted~~ β†’ Deleted

Underscores can be replaced by asterisks.

Here's a paragraph.

Here's another one with emphasised text.



This is a blockquote.

This is the first level of quoting.

This is nested blockquote.

Back to the first level.

Numbered list

  1. First item.
  2. Another.
  3. And another..

Bulleted list

  • item
  • item


This is a note


Include template "katex" to use math rendering.

Inline math like \(X^{3}\). Note that it must be written as X^{3}. If you write in shorthand like X^3, ikiwiki takes over and you don't get KaTeX rendering.